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Name: Mario C. Manson III

Instrument: Bass (no not the gay fella who was in NSYNC)

Gear Used: My fingers, brain, circulatory system, bass amp, jedi mind tricks, and an Ibanez bass that has on occasion been known to resurrect ancient evil deities. Oh yeah, and my eyes and ears too.

Favorite Liquor: I HeArT Jack Daniel's, teeheehee ;)~

Favorite Beer: Colt 45, Old English 800, St.Ides, Schlitz Light, Stroh's, Old Milwaukee, and most other fine premium lagers and malt liquors.

My Teams: The New York Rangers (death to all who hate hockey), and The New York Yankees (that's right the team you love to hate)

Some other useless shit you should know about me: I listen to Opie and Anthony everyday, and so should you.....their show keeps me LOL'ing all the live long day.

I have a B.A. in Accounting (just thought I'd brag a little).

I'm thinking about doing another cover band that does GG Allin and Greatful Dead covers. Want to join??

Personal Quote: That's kind of personal no??


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